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Ariana Grande ft. Big Sean - Best Mistake Lyric [Free Download Mp3]

One of My Favorite Ariana's Song
So, Let's Check this Lyric Out ^ ^

Free Download E-Book Percy Jackson and The Olympian [ENG]

I do this not to get any profit from it..
Just Shared this E-Book link because I really like Percy Jackson's Books

4Minute - Hate (ROM / ENG ) Lyric [Free Download MP3]

This Song feels kinda weird on our ears for the very first time listening to, but for me it's seems the song grow up on my body..
The poison of the music makes me always remember..
Me and this song having such a love-hate relatioship, I think..
But at least I falling in love with this song..

So this is the lyric for you

#KCORNER The Old-List but Love-List : LeeSsang feat Jung In "Girl who cant break up, Boy who cant Leave"

My First EVER K-Corner is Born..

Today I Wanna talk to you about one of my Old-Playlist..
Kenapa kali ini gue pingin ngebahas tentang lagu ini?
Selain karena lagunya catchy and easy listening buat gue, banyak hal pokoknya yang melatar belakangi alesan gue milih lagu ini...

Oke, ntar gue bahas satu-satu ya..

#KCORNER : What the Hemmm Is This??


Hi Hi....

So, Tonight in such a lonely night I think about what's good to post on my blog in my last second long term holiday...

And so I visited many blogs for references what should I wrote..

BOOM, an idea blew up in my mind..

Why dont I post something I really passion there ?
It will be a good and fun things to do, because always something that we do based on our favorite or hobbies or something we passion in, will make it better and fun..

Like I always said before, or maybe never ahahahaha
I really influenced by korean wave ( term for korean's culture that influenced world last decade).
*Sorry for my really bad english writing and so conversation, I hoped all of you my beloved reader could understand what i would talking to.*

Like I said above, I really like all about Korean Culture include KOrean Pop (KPop), Korean Drama (KDrama), Korean Food (KFood), Korean Make Up, Korean Fashion, etc (you got the point right).

So the things b…